Design Résumé


scenic design (unless otherwise specified)

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WALKING ACROSS EGYPT - Edgerton Little Theatre— Winston Salem, NC

DYLAN - Michaels Seanachai Theatre— Chicago, IL

- Jeff Recommended Production

THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS - Goldoni Summer Nites  at The Theatre Building, Chicago, IL 

VIC’S BOY - Bettenbender ❖  American Theater Company — Chicago, IL

- Jeff Recommended Production

THE LIFE OF GALILEO Brecht Open Fist Theatre — Los Angeles, CA (Scenic & Projection Design)

THIS DAY AND AGE - Jackson Long Beach Playhouse — Long Beach, CA

- Ethel Case Award for Outstanding Scenic Design

LATER LIFE - Gurney Long Beach Playhouse Studio — Long Beach, CA

A RAISIN IN THE SUN Hansberry Long Beach Playhouse Studio

ASSASSINS - Sondheim Village Theater — Irvine, CA (Projection Design)

MAN OF THE FLESH - Solis Long Beach Playhouse Studio (Lighting Design)

IN A PIG’S VALISE - Overmyer Shattered Globe Theatre — Chicago, IL (Scenic & Lighting Design)

- Jeff Recommended Production

LONELY PLANET - Deitz The Lab Theatre — Salt Lake City, UT (Scenic & Lighting Design)

THE TAMING OF THE SHREW - Shakespeare Pioneer Theatre—Salt Lake City, UT

(assistant lighting designer to Pete Willardson)

WHEN YOU COMIN’ BACK, RED RYDER? - Medoff Babcock Theatre — Salt Lake City, UT

AND A NIGHTINGALE SANG - Taylor Shattered Globe Theatre

- Jeff Recommended Production

A DEATH IN THE FAMILY - Agee—adapted Goldman Streetsigns Theatre — Chicago, IL (Scenic & Projection Design)

- Jeff Recommended Production

THE TRIAL - Kafka — adapted Berkoff National Pastime Theater — Chicago, IL

THE DRESSER - Harwood Hollywood Performing Arts — Hollywood, FL

THE PUBLIC - Lorca Streetsigns Theatre — Chicago, IL

GOD’S COUNTRY - Dietz Shattered Globe Theatre — Chicago, IL

- Jeff Recommended Production

THE ROAD TO MECCA - Fugard Royal George Gallery Theater — Chicago, IL

- Jeff Recommended Production

THE CHILDREN’S HOUR - Hellman Shattered Globe Theatre

- Jeff Recommended Production

THE DRESSER - Harwood Shattered Globe Theatre

- Awarded Joseph Jefferson Citation for Scenic Design

- Jeff Recommended Production

TALK RADIO - Bogosian Shattered Globe Theatre

- Nominated for Joseph JeffersonCitation for Scenic Design

- Jeff Recommended Production

A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE - Williams Daylesford Theatre — Hamilton, Bermuda

THE FIRERAISERS - Frisch Daylesford Theatre — Hamilton, Bermuda


Dylan - Sidney Michaels

“Smart designed his own remarkable set, the best I have ever seen in this space.”

Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

March 23, 2002

Vic’s Boy - Ben Bettenbender

“Roger Smart’s clever set conjures three very different environments with flair.”

Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

March 14, 2001

“The entire production is enhanced by the spot-on creations of scenic designer Roger Smart and sound designer Lindsay Jones.”

Nina Metz, New City

March 22, 2001

This Day and Age - Nagel Jackson

“Scenic designer Roger Smart has outdone himself on the elaborate  outdoor set.”

Kathryn Martin, Press-Telegram

November 20, 1998

“Right here we must rave about Roger Smart’s gorgeous garden set.”

Shirle Gottlieb, Press-Telegram

November 13, 1998

“Designer Roger Smart has fashioned a delightful setting for this very contemporary comedy.”

Robert Telford, Grunion Gazette

November 12, 1998

Later Life - A R Gurney

“First we are struck by Roger Smart’s genuinely handsome set…”

Richard Scaffidi, Backstage West

September 3, 1998

“Roger Smart’s handsome set nicely frames the action…”

Los Angeles Times

September 4, 1998

When You Comin’ Back Red Rider? - Mark Medoff

“Set designer Roger Smart’s debut in the Babcock [theater] is impressive.  The diner has the authenticity of a roadside cafe on the verge of going to seed.”

Ivan M Lincoln, Deseret News

February 26, 1996

“I knew intuitively, the moment I walked in the theatre and saw the set, that it was right. . .”

Mark Medoff, post-show discussion

March 2, 1996

The Dresser - Ronald Harwood

“ . . . his bare-bones set effectively suggests the dank, uninviting feel of a dressing room and the back-stage area of a less-than-flourishing provincial theatre.”

George Capewell,  Miami Herald

December 8, 1994

The Road to Mecca - Athol Fugard

“[Roger Smart] is also responsible for the equally mood inspiring set . . . This is  theater at its best.”

Kathleen Tobin, The Beverly Review

Red Rider


The Dresser